Dunmurry dentist ready for Uganda trip

Aisling Byers is getting ready for her trip to Uganda.
Aisling Byers is getting ready for her trip to Uganda.

Aisling Byers, a dentist at Dunmurry Dental Practice, is preparing to share her skills and help those most in need of dental treatment in Uganda.

Aisling will be travelling to Uganda as part of a team from Dentaid in March next year and will spend two weeks in the country providing essental dental treatment.

“We will be working in rural communities and going to different areas to see people who have no access to dental treatment whatsoever,” explained Aisling.

“As well as working in local villages, we will also be going to prisons to provide dental treatment to prisoners. We will be visiting a children’s prison and an adult male prison.

“Many of us take for granted that if we have a toothache we can phone our dentist and be seen relatively quickly. That is a luxury the people of Uganda simply do not have.

“They suffer days, months often years with painful abscess and dental decay because of a lack of dental professionals to help them.

“Anyone who has ever suffered from toothache will understand the relief of seeing a dentist and getting the problem fixed but imagine having no other option than to live with it?

“During our trip we hope to see up to 100 patients a day and complete oral health education as well as the pain relief treatment.”

Aisling admits she is nervous about the trip but is also looking forward to the experience.

“It is really and truly nervewrecking but exciting as well,” continued Aisling. “I have been to Kenya before to help with building projects but this is the first time I have travelled with Dentaid,

“There is a bit of a fear of the unknown but Dentaid is a reputable charity and they know what they are doing so I know I will be fine.”

Aisling will be taking dental supplies with her on the trip and she is currently fundraising to provide the charity with as much money as possible for thei worthy cause.

“I will be bringing my own equipment such as gloves and aneasthetics,” continued Alisling,

“Dentaid encourage us to fundraise, as well as to raise awareness of the work of the charity itself.”

If you would like to help Aisling raise money for Dentaid, log onto her fundraising page at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/aislingbyers1

There are also collection boxes at Dunmurry Dental Practice if anyone would like to contribute directly.