Drumbeg residents clean up their village

Hot on the heels of their grass cutting exploits in May, the residents of Drumbeg have once again shown the way in community action by carrying out a litter and debris clean up operation.

Mr Hugh Cruikshanks, Chair of the Drumbeg Residents Association explained: “Having read an article published by the Ulster Star earlier in the year by Councillor Robbie Butler on ‘Keeping Lagan Valley Tidy’ we as a group felt challenged and enthused to be given ownership of helping to keep our area of Lagan Valley beautiful.

“We are privileged to live in perhaps one of the most scenic and visited areas of Lagan Valley here in Drumbeg and had become disheartened with the spoiling of the area by litter louts. Whilst the Council has in the past provided bins, unfortunately some people still flout the law and leave a mess.”

The group, buoyed by the success of their grass cutting event, decided to take action and organised a two hour Drumbeg detox of litter.

“I was delighted to be able to organise the loan of litter grabbers, provision of bin bags, gloves and Hi-viz vests for Drumbeg Residents Association through the council and fortunately, with my party colleague Councillor Brian Bloomfield, we were able to roll up our sleeves and lend a hand,” explained Councillor Robbie Butler.

“I hope that other groups or associations can take heart from what has happened here and help contribute to the task of keeping Lagan Valley tidy.

“More thantwenty people turned up to help on the day with age not being an issue.

The event was supported by the very young and not so young with all agreeing that they would continue to put their shoulder to the wheel and help to keep this very important part of Ulster beautiful.”