Driver clocked at ‘ridiculous’ 125 mph

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A Local police chief is urging drivers to stop speeding after a motorist was caught travelling at 125mph on the M1 near Lisburn.

Lisburn and Castlereagh District Commander Superintendent Sean Wright said he was astonished by the disregard some motorists continued to demonstrate, the highest illegal speed in his district in the last financial year having been a “frankly ridiculous” 125mph.

“This driver showed absolutely no regard to his own safety, or the safety of other road users,” he said. “ When he was brought to court he was banned for six months and fined hundreds of pounds.”

The next highest speed recorded locally was 115mph on the M1 at Moira. Police also detected 107mph on the A1 at Dromore.

Asking road-users to consider the cost of a single human life, Superintendent Wright added: “All motorists be warned. Police officers are patrolling and as we have shown, if you use excess speed, you will be caught.”