‘Dispel the gloom’ says UKIP

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Alan Love, UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate in Lagan Valley, says he has been struck by the discontent and anger, with all levels of government, that he has encountered on the doorstep.

He commented: “I am sensing a real sense of despair at the failure of our national, devolved and local governments to meet the basic needs of the community. People speak of the dangerous uncertainty surrounding the lack of full time A&E facilities at Lagan Valley Hospital, the inconvenience caused to hard working parents by the lack of proper preschool education facilities, or the council-led chaos in our once bustling city centre. They feel neglected and forgotten by our elected representatives.

“Meanwhile the establishment parties of Westminster obsess over preventing the United Kingdom Electorate having any say in our continuing membership of the undemocratic European Union.

Most of our MPs in Ulster saw no reason to attempt to oppose the reintroduction of the European Arrest Warrant, which would allow a citizen of Lagan Valley to be deported to an Eastern European Prison without the need for supporting evidence.

“If elected, I will do my utmost to ensure the reform of the mandatory coalition and lack of opposition, which stifle any meaningful government from Stormont. With fellow UKIP MPs I will strive to get an immediate ‘In/Out’ Referendum on European Union membership.”