Declutter and donate your old clothes to Action Cancer

Radio Personality, Denise Watson de-clutters her wardrobe and donates clothes to Action Cancer.
Radio Personality, Denise Watson de-clutters her wardrobe and donates clothes to Action Cancer.

Action Cancer charity stores across Northern Ireland are calling on donors to clear out their wardrobes and donate their unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories and help support the valuable work the charity carries out in communities throughout the country.

The aim of the call is to encourage people to have a wardrobe declutter and clear out, and inspire them to donate items they no longer wear or use to their local Action Cancer store, where the donated items can be put to good use and contribute to raising funds for services used by the community.

Donated items such as t-shirts, trousers, jumpers, shoes, handbags and coats, can be sold by Action Cancer to raise money to help provide counselling, aromatherapy sessions, breast screening and acupuncture clinics at Action Cancer House and on board the Big Bus.

“We’d like as many people as possible to participate in the “Declutter and Donate, call to donors” said Peter Lynch, Operations Manager for Action Cancer.

“Each bag of donated clothing can be worth as much as £50 which would pay for two Health Checks or two Complimentary Therapy sessions.

“Whether it’s a shirt that doesn’t fit, a party dress that hasn’t seen daylight for years or a handbag that’s been replaced with a newer model – whatever you can spare – each and every donation will help us raise money to support the valuable work of Action Cancer.”

New billboard adverts and bus stop adshels have been appearing around the country promoting the donation campaign which the charity hopes will raise awareness for their services as well as some new fresh stock for the stores.

“We hope that the “Declutter and Donate” call to action will resonate with customers old and new,” added Katherine Young, Retail Development Officer, “We want to encourage people to stop and think about how something seemingly small, like donating a few items to a charity store, really can make a significant difference to the lives of others.”

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