White Widow behind terror atrocities in Kenya - claim


Banbridge’s Samantha Lewthwaite, who has been nicknamed ‘The White Widow, has apparently masterminded the murder of 400 people after becoming a key figure in the Jihadist terror group al Shabaab.

The 32-year-old mother of four’s atrocities are reported to include the slaughter of 148 at a Kenyan university, a Somali security chief has revealed. He said: “She sits at the right hand of the leader directing attacks. She is evil but very clever.”

She has reportedly been promoted through the ranks of al Shabaab after many of its leaders died in drone attacks.

The graduate was, if was claimed, quickly recognised as intelligent and evil-minded enough by Jihadi terror bosses to be trusted with the most horrific atrocities.

A senior Somali anti-terror officer said Lewthwaite is now at the right hand of al Shabaab leader Ahmad Umar and is suspected of ordering the deaths of more than 400 innocent people.

He said: “She is an evil person but a very clever operator.”

Lewthwaite is suspected to have directed terror raids, suicide attacks and car bombs in Somalia and Kenya, as well as masterminding last month’s slaughter of 148 people, by gunmen at a university in Garissa, northern Kenya.

“The lady has moved up the ranks,” continued the security chief. “She’s one of the most important figures in the terror group. We think this lady is sitting at the right hand of the leader. She does not carry out attacks herself as she is too important but is responsible for many deaths.”