Where should cctv camera go?

The Lisburn community has been asked to provide suggestions for where a new CCTV camera should it be located and why?

CityWatch, which is a crime prevention initiative that has been in Lisburn since 2009, put the question to its Facebook followers.

It works in a partnership approach to addressing issues associated with business crime, anti-social behaviour and reducing fear of crime for the general public, across Lisburn City Centre, towns and villages.

Local people went onto the Citywatch Facebook with their thoughts and ideas.

Maureen Crothers suggested Tesco car park.

“My mum’s car has been badly damaged there on three separate occasions - one of which a man reversed into her and pushed her car across the lane into empty spaces,” she posted. “She’s far from being the only one who has had serious damage done. With no cameras, you can’t prove who did it - and that costs hundreds of pounds.”

Michelle Briggs-Hamilton said, “Back of cinema car park @Beechland. A huge amount of anti-social behaviour and crime!”

Avril McComb posted, “Wallace Park. List of stuff happens, none of it good. I don’t know why there is a reluctance to put cameras up there.”

“Brambles pitches Knockmore Road/Limetree Avenue,” was Julieanne Audley’s suggestion.

Other Facebook followers had other ideas.

Audrey Richardson put, “Junction of Hillsborough Old Road and Ballynahinch Road. Speeding here at night is drastic.”

Stuart Brown believed that Glenavy Main Street was the best place for a camera.

Sue Maile posted, “What about Prince William\Knockmore Road junction? Anti social behaviour.”

Trish McCormick and Gail Hamilton had other ideas. Their suggestions ranged from the blue bridge, Towpath or Low Road.

Jackie Fleming suggested the Old Hillsborough Road/Ballynahinch Road.