Weekend of disturbances in Crumlin

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A huge police presence in Crumlin on Saturday night, including a helicopter hovering over the village was related to a drugs raid in the village according to councillor Thomas Burns.

Police say they have been unable to track details of a raid or any reports of anti socail behaviour for Saturday night.

However, Mr Burns said he received countless reports from parents and Facebook reports that the police were stopping groups of youths hanging around the streets, and there were three police cars and a van present in the village during the night.

He claimed a house was raided, and groups of youths had attempted to break into premises to a doctors surgery.

The reports come as the village faced yet another night of disturbances on Saturday nigh.

Local councillor Thomas Burns, has called for a multi agency approach in dealing with the anti social issues in the village.

“There really is no easy answer,” he said. “It’s all very well blaming parents but the parents I’m talking to say the children are bored and all they want to do is go out.

“They cannot stop them from going out. The children will even attempt to go out when the parents are asleep. The parents are at their wits end.

“The problem is there is a massive amount of children hanging around the streets with nothing to do.”