Was abusive and spat at police

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When police were called to deal with a 21-year-old man at a Banbridge nightclub he became abusive to them and spat at an officer in a police car.

Scott Pearl, Glebe Walk, Lisburn, admitted disorderly behaviour in Church Square, Banbridge, on March 28 this year and assaulting a constable.

For the disorderly behaviour offence he was fined £150 and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

He was fined £200 for the assault charge and ordered to pay £100 compensation to the police officer.

Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday at 10.50pm police were contacted by staff at the Coach nightclub who were having difficulties with an aggressive male.

Pearl was asked to move on but became aggressive with police and told them to ‘f—k off’.

When told he could be arrested he again told them to ‘f—k off’ and then he was arrested for disorderly behaviour.

On the way to the police station the defendant was in the rear and spat at the head of the driver.

Deputy District Judge Brian Archer commented that Pearl seemed to be ‘nasty with drink in him’.

A solicitor representing the defendant said it was a most unsavoury incident.

He added that alcohol was a significant factor in Pearl’s previous offending.

The solicitor said that the date of the offence was Easter Monday and there had been a couple of days which involved an excessive amount of alcohol being consumed.

Pearl accepted he was heavily intoxicated and had only a limited recollection of what happened, he said.

He was upset about his behaviour and the way he reacted towards police.