Warning to youths in Crumlin

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Police are warning young people that there will be consequences if they come to Crumlin Glen to drink or cause trouble.

Sergeant David Boyd said: “Crumlin Glen is a lovely local spot and it should be enjoyed by all within our communities without the anti-social behaviour of a minority spoiling the area for others.

“Our officers have been working hard over the last number of months to connect with residents, community groups, statutory agencies and local young people over the issue.

“While this engagement is important, enforcement must also play a part in solving the problem and there will be consequences for individuals who decide to use Crumlin Glen in the wrong way.

“Our officers will be patrolling the area over the coming months and we will make arrests when we need to.

“Young people who are looking to use the area for underage drinking and to cause annoyance should seriously consider the consequences of their choices.

“This is not about spoiling the fun of young people, it is about keeping people safe.

“I would also ask parents and guardians to make themselves aware of where children are and what they are doing.

“It may be worth sitting down with your child to discuss how wrong choices can lead to a criminal conviction and the long lasting consequences a conviction can have on future prospects.”

Earlier this year politicians had called for a multi agency approach to tackle with the anti social behaviour in Crumlin Glen.

They also appealed to the parents to be mindful of where their children are especially during the school holidays.