Warning to parents after fires started near stables

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Local police have urged parents to make sure they know where their children are, particularly during this period of summer weather.

The warning came after local children began to congregate at stables on the Barnfield Road, causing distress to the horses that call them home.

A spokesperson for Lisburn PSNI explained: “Ghost and Berry are two of several horses enjoying the Summer weather at stables on the Barnfield Road.

“Unfortunately the stables have been attracting large groups of children who have been drinking, starting fires and in general making a mess of the area.

“We are reminding parents that the stables are no place for unsupervised ‘visits’ by local children and not only are they unsettling the horses, but they are putting themselves at risk.”

Lisburn’s Deputy Mayor, Councillor Alexander Redpath praised the police for bringing the matter to the attention of local parents and urged anyone who noticed any suspicious activty in the area to bring it to the attention of the police.

“I am appalled that this sort of anti-social behaviour is taking place,” said Mr Redpath.

“I am glad the PSNI are bringing this to the attention of parents and the general public.

“It is particularly concerning that young people are putting themselves at risk in this way.

“This is likely very distressing for the owners of Barnfield stables and their animals. I would urge anyone with any information to contact the PSNI on the non emergency number 101.”