Wallace Park water fountain destroyed

Alderman Paul Porter with Councillor Scott Carson at the Wallace Fountain.
Alderman Paul Porter with Councillor Scott Carson at the Wallace Fountain.

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council plan to review security at Wallace Park after a cast iron water fountain that dates back to 1872, was vandalised at the weekend.

The Wallace Fountain was named after the benefactor Sir Richard Wallace, who presented 50 similar fountains to the City of Paris to commemmorate the end of its siege during the Franco Prussian War.

Deputy Mayor of Lisburn and Castlereagh, Alexander Redpath described the attack as ‘an attack on Lisburn’s heritage’ and accused the vandals of ‘having no understanding of the significance of these fountains.’

Mr Redpath said, “These fountains are famous throughout Europe as an act of philanthropy by Sir Richard Wallace. They are a defining feature in Paris where dozens were installed to improve the lot of the poor. Lisburn is home of two Wallace fountains in Ireland owing to our close association with the Wallace family.

“These fountains are not only of immense historical significance. They are also aesthetically beautiful and a monument to the charitable spirit of one of our most significant citizens.”

Alderman Paul Porter, Chairman of the Council’s Leisure and Community Development Committee said, “The fact two of these fountains were displayed in Lisburn was a great honour for the people of the City.

“Due to the integral and unique design of the fountain, the Council is currently assessing the damage to identify a course of remedial works which will hopefully see the fountain restored to its former glory.”

Councillor Scott Carson, Chairman of the Council’s Policing and Community Safety Partnership said the attack as one motivated by nothing more than a desire to carry out an act of ‘wanton vandalism.’