Three arrested after Moira theft

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One male and two females were arrested at Sprucefield earlier this week for the theft of goods in excess of £1000 from Moira.

On Monday afternoon CityWatch CCTV Operators received a report from police of a number of thefts from Main Street, Moira.

Details of the vehicle and persons involved was then circulated to all CityWatch radio link members.

A CityWatch member from the Sprucefield area spotted the vehicle parked in their carpark and police were informed.

The three people were stopped and arrested for theft of goods in excess of a £1000 and their vehicle was also seized for being used in crime.

Some of the items recovered were, four Yankee Candles, six Electric Razors, 12 bedding sets, numerous lipsticks, 16 bottles of Vodka and Whiskey and five bottles of aftershave.

A big thank you and well done to the security officer who spotted this vehicle and assisted the Officers and CCTV Staff, also Lisburn’s E Section Officers for their quick response.