Terror threat: Police urge people to ‘remain vigilant’

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The PSNI has urged people across Lisburn and Castlereagh to “remain vigilant” in response to the increased threat of terrorist attacks across the UK.

The police have stepped up their presence at a number of key locations across Northern Ireland in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing, and subsequent announcement by the Prime Minister that the terror threat level in the UK has been raised to ‘critical’.

A statement on the PSNI Lisburn Facebook page said: “Over the coming days you may well notice an increased Police presence in our district in support of the national response to recent events. It doesn’t mean we have reason to think that anything is about to happen, it just means that we want you to know that as a Police Service we are there to protect and support you as you go about your day to day lives.

“You may well see us at train or bus stations, shopping centres, sporting venues and tourist locations. If you see us around, come and say hello and have a chat with us. Encourage your children to do the same and engage with us rather than saying ‘those Police will take you away if you don’t behave’. We are there to support and promote our wee country as a safe place to live, work, socialise and visit.”

The post concludes: “We do ask you to remain vigilant, as we have for so long in this country, and if you happen to see anything you think is suspicious, do not hesitate to contact us via 101, or 999 in an emergency.”