Telephone scam warning


A Lisburn lady has issued a warning to local people to be wary when answering telephone calls from people they don’t know, after she received a call which she believes was a scam.

“I received a call from someone claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service,” she explained.

“I am registered with them and have been having problems so I thought at first it could be a genuine call.

“She knew my telephone number, name and address and asked if I had been having trouble with the service. I told her I had and she then asked if I could confirm when my credit card expired.

“I didn’t say anything and she asked again.

“She then told me she had to pass me on to her supervisor, who asked me the same questions all over again.

“At that stage I hung up the phone.

“They called again and it said the call was “out of area” so I just picked it up and hung up again.

“I wanted to warn everyone that these people might be calling and advise them not to give out any details, especially things like bank details.”

A spokesperson for the PSNI advised people to be cautious when answering telephone calls from unknown sources.

“We would advise anyone who gets an unsolicited telephone call to treat it with caution,” he said.

“Under no circumstances should you give out personal details over the telephone.”