Suspect spotted climbing on roofs

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A man has been arrested for attempted burglary after he was spotted climbing across the roofs of shops and businesses in Bow Street last month.

On Monday April 25, CityWatch CCTV Operators were contacted by a CityWatch radiolink member stating that a male was climbing over a wall at the rear of business premises on Bow Street.

Due to the ongoing police investigation into the matter, details on the crime have only just been released.

CCTV staff based in Lisburn observed the male who then made his way up onto the roofs of the business and was trying to pull open fire escape doors and skylights.

Police were informed and tasked to the area. The suspect was stopped in his tracks by the police.

The male was then arrested on suspicion of three counts of Attempted Burglary.

Anyone who spots something suspicious in Lisburn city centre can contact the police on the non-emergency number 101.