Scott’s next big date . . . best man at his mother’s wedding

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The day after his attacker Ryan Craig is sentenced, Scott Vineer faces a completely different challenge – that of being best man at his mother and stepfather’s wedding.

Speaking outside Craigavon Crown Court, Scott – who has autism – admitted he was nervous, but was looking forward to the wedding on August 29.

It’s a role that Scott’s mother Helen-Louise thought her son would never fulfil, as she feared the September 2012 attack would claim his life.

Describing her son as her hero, Helen-Louise said: “The night they found him, they told us they expected him to die, and when he survived for 24 hours, they thought he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life – so he has proved them wrong, and that’s my boy.”

Revealing the lasting impact the attack has had on Scott, Helen-Louise continued: “He has been left with brain damage. He has tremors in his left arm, and being left-handed that causes him problems. His balance has been affected, his short-term memory has been affected and his speech can be quite slurred at times.”

Following yesterday’s plea by Ryan Craig, Scott said he is “glad” the Lisburn man finally admitted his role in the attack. And when asked about the attack itself, Scott said: “I can’t really remember anything, to be honest.”

He also revealed he is nervous about the impending wedding when he will be best man, and said: “I’ll have to write a speech and all. It’s going to be nerve-wracking, but I’ll get over it.”

Also glad at yesterday’s plea was Helen-Louise, who said: “We’re just glad it’s over, it’s been a long time coming. I’m just pleased that we can finally get some justice for Scott.”