Said his dad was top man in UVF

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When he believed that he was owed money by his previous employer a 34-year-old man sent him threatening text messages, Banbridge Magistrates Court heard last Thursday.

Steven Ronald Bordessa, Hayes Park, Seapatrick, admitted between June 24 and July 3 this year pursuing a course of conduct which amount to harassment.

He also pleaded guilty to sending messages of a menacing nature.

The court heard that the injured party, who had previously employed the defendant, reported to police that he had received threatening text messages from Bordessa.

In the first message he said the injured party should pay a sum of money ‘or you with end up with f—k all’ and in another message he said ‘his da was a top man in the UVF’ in Lurgan.

The text messages continued and one day the injured party came out of his home to find a combat style jacket hanging on a gatepost.

When interviewed Bordessa accepted sending the messages ‘in a moment of madness’. A barrister representing Bordessa said the pre-sentence report was very hopeful and positive.

He added that the defendant’s mother, who was with him in court, was aghast at her son’s behaviour which came as a result of the breakdown of his marriage.

The barrister explained that this did not happen in a moment of madness but came from intoxication over a period of time when Bordessa had been drinking daily.

The barrister said that Bordessa was now stable and living with his mother who has him under control and he has learned his lesson.

District Judge Amanda Brady said it was a ‘nasty type of offence’ and ‘very frightening’. She added that the defendant had come through a difficult period in his life.

For each of the two offences he sentenced him to 80 hours community service.

Judge Brady also banned Bordessa from contacting the injured party for two years.