‘Respect local school’ say police

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Neighbourhood policing officers have spoken out against those who caused damage in Fort Hill Integrated Primary School playground last week.

The officers have condemned those responsible for the damage caused to the school’s polytunnel and for using the playground as a ‘shortcut.

They also urged the local community who live close to Fort Hill Integrated Primary to respect the school and its facilities.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Fort Hill Primary have unwanted visitors on weekend evenings. There have been items moved round the grounds and damage caused to the school polytunnel.

“Fortunately the school have an excellent CCTV system and we are working to identify the persons involved.

“As the neighbourhood officers who cover Fort Hill we take a very dim view of any behaviour that impacts on the life of the school.

“Living convenient to the school does not entitle you to out of hours access. Because it may be a short cut, does not entitle you to access out of hours. Respect the school. Respect your community.

“If you have any information or wish to report any incidents of anti social behaviour contact police at Lisburn via 101.”

Lagan Valley MLA Robbie Butler has offered his support to the Neighbourhood Police working in the Low Road area of Lisburn as they seek to deter unwanted trespassers from the grounds of the school.

“Schools are already under immense financial pressure to provide adequate services for our pupil,” said Mr Butler.

“As well as the educational requirement, teaching is much more holistic with schools providing spaces and resources to compliment all aspects of the pupils development.

“These resources and their upkeep cost money, with any tampering or vandalism reducing the ability for schools to effectively deliver on an already tight budget.

“In Lisburn we have some fantastic open spaces for children to enjoy themselves. Wallace Park, for instance, has wonderful facilities and areas to enjoy.

“As a community we can do so much more to reduce instances of misbehaviour and I encourage everyone to report all instances of antisocial behaviour to Lisburn Police.”