PSNI responds to chalk marks calls

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

Police in Banbridge have thanked the Dromore community for their vigilance in reporting suspicious activity in the Laganvale and Thornhill Drive areas on Sunday, 18 May.

Inspector Leslie Badger said: “We received a number of reports throughout the day on Sunday of males in a white van acting suspiciously and white chalk marks appearing on garden fences.

“We shared this information on our social media sites to make the public aware and advised householders to remove any chalk marks on their property. While there is no evidence at this stage to link the chalk marks to crime, there is no doubt that vigilance and preventative measures reduce the likelihood of a crime taking place.

“We conducted a number of patrols around the town last night and fortunately found no suspicious activity.

“If you find chalk marks on your property, remove them and if you notice any suspicious activity or vehicles please contact us straight away on 101. Working together in this way allows us to protect our communities.”