Protect elderly say police

PSNI officer
PSNI officer

Police in Lisburn are urging local residents to help them protect the elderly and vulnerable as they continue their focus on burglary.

District Commander, Superintendent Sean Wright explained: “As part of our focus on burglary we are visiting some of our elderly and more vulnerable residents to help them feel safe in their homes and provide advice on making their home and property secure.

“It can be easy in today’s society to feel isolated and I am asking local communities to help us protect the people in our neighbourhoods who may feel alone.

“The most effective way to help each other is to become a ‘nosy neighbour’. Get to know the people in your neighbourhood and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity or vehicles. If you notice something that doesn’t look right, phone us straight away and check on your vulnerable neighbours.

“We have seen how successful we can be when we work in partnership with the community and I would encourage any member of the public who is interested in working with us to reduce crime in their area to contact us.”