PPS urged to reconsider road death charge


The solicitor for a woman accused of causing the death of a lady in Moira last year has asked the Public Prosecution Service to reconsider the charges.

Heather McClay, 68, from Hunters Hill in Gilford, had been charged with causing death by driving without due care and attention following the traffic accident on Main Street in Moira in September 2014.

The defendant is the widow of the late Allen McClay, the multi-millioniaire businessman who set up the pharmaceutical company Galen, which became Northern Ireland’s first one billion pound company.

Winifred Hutchinson was knocked down by a white BMW X3 at 2.30pm on Saturday September 6.

She was critically injured in the accident and later died in hospital.

At the time of the accident the police appealed for witnesses to come forward.

The defendant was subsequently charged with causing the death of Winifred Hutchinson.

However, her legal team have requested an adjournment from Lisburn Magistrates Court in order to make representations to the Public Prosecution Service, asking them to review the decision to prosecute McClay.

The Case has been adjourned for two weeks to allow the PPS time to consider the Defence team review request.