Policing Board seeks volunteers for the Custody Visiting Scheme in the East

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Community News

The Policing Board is currently looking for volunteers for its South/East and North/West teams to monitor how well people are treated in custody and if they are getting access to their rights and entitlements, such as access to medical requirements.

The Custody Visiting Scheme, operated by the Northern Ireland Policing Board, currently has 30 volunteers across Northern Ireland who work in teams to check what are known as Custody Suites in their local area.

Speaking about the role, Board Chair Anne Connolly said: “Custody Visitors work independently and voluntarily to ensure that those in custody get access to their rights in line with human rights principles.

“This means the Board gets an impartial picture of how people are dealt with in custody and helps fulfil one of our key accountability duties.

Mrs Connolly added: “Custody Visitors must be over 18 years old and, to enable the independence of the scheme, must have no direct involvement in the criminal justice system.”

Applications are open 12 noon on 29th January 2016. Details are available at www.nipolicingboard.org.uk or contact the Custody Visiting Scheme Administrator at 028 9040 8526.