Police office charged with perverting justice

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A police officer has been charged with perverting the course of justice by claiming his car had been stolen.

Standing in the dock of Craigavon Magistrates Court, 46-year-old Alfred Beattie confirmed that he was aware of the charge against him and that had received legal papers in the case.

Beattie, with an address as c/o Lisburn Road PSNI station, is accused of making a false witness statement “intending to pervert the course of justice” on 26 April last year in that he claimed his car had been stolen.

A further charge that he drove carelessly on the Steedstown Road in Lisburn on the same date was adjourned for six months to 15 July while a charge that Beattie drove while unfit through drink or drugs was withdrawn.

Releasing Beattie on his own bail of £500, Judge Bates ordered him to appear before the Crown Court for his arraignment on 18 February.