Police issue parcel scam warning

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Police in Lisburn have issued a warning to local people to be wary of any unsolicited mail after a local resident received a scam notification through their door.

The gentleman contacted the police after receiving a note that he had an undelivered parcel and urging him to contact a number listed.

Releasing a photograph of the notice on Facebook, a police spokesperson said: “We were not shocked today to discover that the residents of Lisburn and Castlereagh City are a clever bunch of people.

“One of you came to Lisburn Station to report an odd thing posted through their letterbox.

“Of course, it’s a scam and we are glad this member of the public treated it with the derision it deserves.

“Look out for these. If you find one in your post box, use it to line the cat’s litter tray, or make a paper airplane from it.”