Phantom flasher at towpath

Police tape
Police tape

Police in Lisburn are investigating an incident of indecent behaviour reported to them by two women who had been on the Lagan Towpath near Lambeg on Tuesday around midday.

The women were out jogging around 12.30pm when they reported to the police they had been flashed at by a man on the towpath between Lambeg and Drumbeg.

Carole Briggs, on the Lisburn PSNI Facebook page reported she was ‘disgusted’ to be confronted by the flasher.

“Myself and another woman were flashed at by a man standing on the riverbank opposite the old Coke factory,” she posted. “Not a good experience for any woman to have to encounter.”

Julie McCullough posted, “That’s scary I go down their on my bike a lot. This has really spooked me now.”

Another woman posted she would be too scared to go to the towpath again because of the incident.

The police asked if anyone was on the towpath walking between Lambeg and Drumbeg around midday on Tuesday and spotted a male acting suspiciously to contact them at Lisburn on 101 and quote reference number cc2016022300460.