On-the-run man arrested in Lisburn

Lough Ree Lifeboat searching for missing Armagh angler Daryl Burke.
Lough Ree Lifeboat searching for missing Armagh angler Daryl Burke.

A man who had been on the run from the authorities in Europe was arrested in Lisburn last week.

The man in his 30’s, had a European arrest warrant issued against him and is now waiting to be extradited back to Romania.

The 35-year-old Romanian man, had been sentenced to six years imprisonment in 2011, charged with human trafficking in Spain and Romania.

The man was stopped in a BMW car around the city, around midday on Tuesday, June 30. The police say the car was also linked with crime.

The man who is currently in custody has already been handed over to the authorities and now awaiting extradition back to Europe.

It is not known how long the man had been on the run.

Superintendent Sean Wright of Lisburn and Castlereagh Police described the arrest as “significant”.

“Officers stopped a car a few days ago in Lisburn with what was believed to be a straight forward traffic offence,” he said.

“As we do with everyone we stop, we did a routine check on the man, and found that there was a European arrest warrant out for this man.”

The man was believed to be living in Belfast.

It is believed the man had been imprisoned for gang mastering a number of foreign nationals and not paying them for their work.

Police say that the vehicle was also linked to crime

“This is a significant arrest not only for us but for Europe and it shows what can happen with the pro active policing approach,” Mr Wright said

“He came here to hide and it did not work.”