Mother appeals to thieves after son’s grave is desecrated

Lee Clark with her son Dee Dee
Lee Clark with her son Dee Dee

A heart broken Lisburn mum whose son’s grave was targetted by thieves this week, has appealed to vandals to allow her ‘baby boy’ to rest in peace.

It is the second time that the grave of Dee-Dee (David-Lee) Clark who was just ten when he died, has been attacked in seven months,

Lee, the child’s mother went to the grave on Tuesday to find that six solar lights had disappeared off the grave,

Earlier this year vandals desecrated her son’s grave just days before the first anniversary of his death.

Lee, who daily visits her son’s grave discovered on December 27 last year that lights had been torn off a Christmas tree, and flowers upturned and Santa toys and other items stolen.

At that time Lee said that she felt that ‘someone had wrecked my child’,

Describing the most recent attack she said the incident has caused her and her family great distress.

Lee said, “This is the second time in seven months and obviously this is someone who enjoys messing with a little boy’s resting place and causing great distress to myself and my family.

“I just want to appeal to whoever is doing this. It is horrific. Why will they not allow my baby boy to rest in peace after the fight he had and did with dignity.”

Dee-Dee died on New Year’s Day, 2015 as a result of complications from bowel surgery.

Police are appealing for witnesses. Anyone who can help can ring the police in Lisburn on 101 and quoting reference 1078 of 21/6/16.

Kirstie Jones on Facebook posted: “The dirty scumbags stole my sons ceramic Eeyore from his grave.”

Emma Jayne Lewis posted, “Its been goin on for years up there. There was one point they were trashing the graves.”