Moped rider fell off twice before being arrested for drink-driving

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Police arrested a moped rider for driving whilst unfit after he was spotted by the CityWatch Lisburn CCTV team riding through the city centre on Wednesday night, November 30.

A report posted on the CityWatch Lisburn Facebook page said: “Tonight the CityWatch team observed a male who was to say the least very unsteady on his feet in Lisburn city centre. We were then shocked to see this male get onto a moped and try to drive off after falling over twice onto the bike.

“Police were immediately informed and directed to the male. He then proceeded to drive the moped and came off the bike twice before being stopped by police.”

The post added: “Thanks to the quick response from Lisburn District Support Team the male was stopped before he killed himself or someone else. He was then arrested for driving whilst unfit.”