Male arrested for theft after good work by CCTV team

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A young man was arrested for theft in Lisburn city centre earlier this week, thanks to the sharp eyes of the CityWatch team.

An eagle-eyed CityWatch Lisburn CCTV operator recognised the male, thought to be from the Belfast area, as the perpetrator of an audacious theft two months ago and alerted police to his whereabouts.

A report on the CityWatch Lisburn Facebook page said: “Today a young male visited Lisburn, but this same male visited Lisburn in October and walked out of a store with a television under his arm without making payment. Maybe he should have asked Santa instead.

“Unfortunately for this male the CityWatch Grinch (CCTV Operator Radar) observed the male today and recognised him from a still photo provided by the store in question.

“Police were informed and the District Support Team (DST) was tasked who then stopped the male.

“He was then arrested for theft and conveyed to custody and has been placed on Santa’s naughty list.”