Judge imposes a 12 month ban for drink driving

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A local man caught drink driving has been banned for 12 months.

Jason Philips (38), of Hertford Crescent, Lisburn, admitted the offence which occurred on July 29.

Lisburn court heard that police were alerted to a male who had left a bar in Lisburn and gotten into a vehicle.

When he was stopped by police in Lisburn Square, they carried out a preliminary breath test which he failed with a result of 64mgs of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

The court heard that Philips had original pleaded not guilty to the offence but changed his plea and did not contest the charges.

A defending solicitor told Lisburn Magistrates’ Court that the defendant had done this so he could have his licence for a few weeks longer to be able to transport a sick relative to an appointment.

Defence said that Philips fully accepted responsibility for the offence.

District Judge Rosie Watters banned him from driving for 12 months and fined him £250 for the offence.