Intruders target elderly

Two pensioners in Lisburn were targetted by intruders in separate incidents, last week drawing condemnation from local MLA Jonathan Craig.

On Friday, an elderly resident was left shaken after an intruder got into their home.

The pensioner was preparing for bed at around 10.15pm when two male intruders were found to be inside the property.

Upon being discovered, the intruders fled the house in the Hillside Crescent area.

It is not believed anything was stolen.

The following day, detectives responded to a report of a ‘distraction burglary’ in Hillhall Park.

A man is believed to have called at the home between 10am and 10.30am.

The man told the elderly resident that he was from the local council authority.

He then said that he was making enquiries in relation to moving a fence at the back of the property.

Whilst the occupant was distracted two unknown male intruders then entered the house and went upstairs. The three males left a short time later. It is not believed that anything has been stolen during this incident.

Last Tuesday September 15, two elderly women were robbed in the Downshire Park Central in Belfast.

Two men approached the women at around 1.30pm and grabbed their handbags.

Both women were knocked to the ground and sustained cuts and bruises as they attempted to resist the men.

The men made off on foot before getting into a silver coloured mini that was parked nearby.

Mr Craig said that criminals were targetting the most vulnerable people of sopciety.

“It is totally wrong and as we have seen this is helping to feed drugs habits and it is important that people give information to the police so the justice system can take care of them and they can he dealt with by the justice system,” he said,

“It is just not acceptable what they are doing.”

Detective Sergeant Lisa McCambridge urged people to aid elderly.

“I would urge people to please be aware of your elderly or vulnerable neighbours or family members and share the following crime prevention measures with them,” she said.

“Take a moment to think before you open the door or to look out of the window to see if you recognise the person.”