Indecent behaviour: Males fined for urinating on city centre cash machine

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Two males have been issued with fixed penalty fines for indecent behaviour after being spotted urinating on an ATM in Lisburn city centre on Friday, November 11.

The pair were stopped by police following a report from CityWatch Lisburn CCTV operators, who observed them ‘spending a penny’ on the cash machine.

A post on the CityWatch Lisburn Facebook page said: “Two males have just received Fixed Penalty Tickets for Indecent Behaviour in Lisburn City Centre after CCTV staff observed a male urinating against an ATM while using the ATM (who says men can’t multi task), his friend then decided to do the same.

“Unfortunately for them their little indiscretions were caught on camera and police were informed. Both males were then stopped by police and issued with the Fixed Penalty Tickets.”