‘Help police tackle city’s drugs scourge’

Jonathan Craig
Jonathan Craig

Local MLA Jonathan Craig has met the PSNI District Commander Superintendent Sean Wright over growing concerns of drug dealing in the Lagan Valley area.

And, speaking after what is believed to have been a drugs related death, Mr Craig urged the public to help police tackle the problem by supplying information to them.

He said he was satisfied the police were doing everything in their power to curb drugs in the community.

The meeting took place days before what is believed to have been a drugs related death. A man in his 30’s was found dead in the Ashmount area of Lisburn.

Police say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the sudden death which took place, on September 13. A post mortem examination is expected to be carried out to determine the exact cause of death.

Mr Craig said the man’s death showed the horror and misery drugs can bring to families and said his thoughts and prayers were with the man’s family at this difficult time.

“I have been dealing with the issues of drug dealing especially in the Seymour Hill area for some time now.” said Mr Craig.

“What we have got to recognise is there is a big, big problem not only in the Lagan Valley but in Northern Ireland as a whole.

“Drugs dealers are supplying more drugs and it is becoming a very real problem in our society. I have spoken to the police about this issue and I am satisfied that they are dealing with this head on.

“Police have taken a proactive approach into the problem and have taken action against drug dealers in the Lagan Valley area and are keeping a very close eye on whats going on.”

He urged individuals to contact the police with what information they have that can help in their investigations.

“The police need that information,” he said. “The trouble is people feel let down. They contact the police and because they don’t see instant results they think the police are not dealing with the problem or acting on information but they are.

“If people are not getting feedback they think that the police are not doing enough. I can assure you they are doing what they can.

“These drug dealers need to be taken out of our society and let the justice system deal with them.

“Unfortunately, the justice system has also let people down. There was one dealer who went before the courts three times before the justice system eventually, put him behind bars. That is a problem we are facing with too and the Justice Minister needs to look at that,”

He went onto say, “These dealers know no boundaries. It would shock you where the drugs are being peddled in Lisburn. There is a problem not only in Seymour Hill but in other parts like the Low Road and Knockmore.

“The supply goes through criminal gangs who would have never have come to Northern Ireland before.

“Drugs bring misery to a lot of people and unfortunately it has brought misery to this man’s door and my thoughts and prayers are with this young man and his family.”