Grieving mum devastated by grave damage

The grave damaged
The grave damaged

A heartbroken mum has condemned vandals who desecrated her 10-year-old son’s grave just days before the first anniversary of his death, as ‘disgusting cowards.’

Lee Clark (36), who daily visits her son David-Lee (Dee-Dee) Clark’s grave at Blaris New Cemetery, discovered on December 27 that lights had been ripped off a Christmas tree, miniature trees ripped from pots, festive lights torn from a memorial chair, ornaments and flowers upturned and Santa toys and other items taken.

“When I discovered what had happened I just felt, ‘someone has wrecked my child’,” said Lee. “I was totally devastated. He was such an innocent child when he was born and an innocent child when he left this Earth. He did not deserve this. He never caused any harm to anyone.”

David-Lee died on New Year’s Day 2015 as a result of complications from bowel surgery.

On January 1 this year, the youngster’s family went ahead and marked the anniversary of his death with a private graveside ceremony .

Lee’s father had “refused to let the incident beat him” and instead replaced the damaged Christmas tree and decorations. Nonetheless, the solemn anniversary was marred by the vandalism.

“This is supposed to be sacred ground,” said Lee. “ It is disgusting that someone would have such disrespect and do that to a child’s grave.

“No other grave was targetted, which makes me think this strange, and just a few days before his anniversary.

“It’s hard enough dealing with what happened to him without finding out that someone has been interfering with my son’s grave.”

A spokesperson for Lisburn City and Castlereagh Council said: “LCCC has condemned the report of vandalism at a grave at Blaris.

“While the cemetery is staffed, the Council is mindful of the need for the cemetery to be as accessible as possible for the families of those bereaved and the importance of privacy both during funerals and for grave visitations.

“The council would like to reassure the public such incidents are rare, although it recognises the deep distress that this has caused to the family involved and would encourage anyone with information to contact the PSNI on 101.

“The council will continue to work with all partners to this regard.”