Goods seized in raid on suspected car breaking operation

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A local councillor has said that he hopes that valuable property uncovered from a proactive intelligence led police operation on Monday, will be returned to their rightful owners.

Alexander Redpath of the Ulster Unionist Party, and the party’s local Westminster election candidate was speaking this week, after the Lisburn PSNI uncovered a suspected illegal organised car breaking operation.

Detective Sergeant Duff said, “Detectives and uniformed officers launched the operation on Monday, in the greater Lisburn area and recovered a number of high value vehicles and other items worth in the region of £75,000.”

Two people were arrested and released on police bail pending further enquiries.

Mr Redpath commented: “I would like to congratulate the PSNI on this very successful operation. I would like to thank the officers involved for recovering this valuable property and I hope it can be returned to the rightful owners as soon as possible.

“Organised crime is a growing problem and I am glad that the PSNI are gathering high quality intelligence which will allow them to effectively crack down on organised crime.”

He said he hoped that arrests would follow soon.

“Last year alone there were over 2,000 thefts or unauthorised takings of vehicles in Northern Ireland,” he said.

“I wish the PSNI well with their continued investigations and I hope prosecutions follow in due course.”

“The PSNI put themselves in harms way on a daily basis to keep our community safe and I would like to pass on the sincere thanks of the community for their tireless efforts.”