Fly-tip probe beds in at Oldpark Road

Rubbish dumped recently at Lisburn'd Oldpark Road.
Rubbish dumped recently at Lisburn'd Oldpark Road.

Fresh evidence of illegal dumping at Lisburn’s Oldpark Road has been met with a renewed council commitment to a clean-sweep of culprits.

Mattresses, carpet and cardboard boxes were among items this week caught on camera by a Star reader in an area plagued by fly-tipping.

A spokesperson for Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council said the local authority was aware of the issue, part of an ongoing investigation involving the Northern Ireland Environmental Crime Unit.

“The council has cleared waste from this site on previous occasions and is working with the landowner to prevent further dumping,” she said. “Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council is committed to investigating fly-tipping and will take appropriate enforcement action where necessary and continue to work with all statutory agencies.”

The council and its partners, she added, would continue to encourage people to dispose of their waste legally, safely and responsibly.

“Anyone who witnesses a fly-tipping incident or has information that may help to identify an offender should contact the Environmental Health Service Unit on 028 9250 9380,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lagan Valley DUP MLA Paul Givan condemned those responsible for fly-tipping.

“Unfortunately,” he said, “fly-tipping remains a problem across our district with some people finding it impossible to dispose of large goods via the council amenity sites or special collections.

“Instead they resort to littering parts of our countryside and denigrate the overall area.

“I am particularly disgusted that such large objects, in this case a mattress, are discarded along a road that is only five minutes drive from the nearest amenity site at The Cutts.

“For every instance of fly-tipping there is a cost to the council to both collect and dispose of the material dumped.”

Mr Givan said he would be engaging with council officers to investigate how fly-tipping could be prevented and the perpetrators caught.

“While these individuals are a minority in our society,” he said, “they should be aware that their actions impact and inconvenience law-abiding citizens and cause an environmental impact.”