Female arrested for stealing over £1000 of goods


On Saturday February 13 CCTV staff in Lisburn received a radio transmission from security staff from a store at Sprucefield stating that two females were attempting to dash out the door with goods totalling over £1000 without stopping to make payment.

After a foot chase, one of the females was detained by security staff.

The detained female was then arrested for theft and further arrested for theft from February 9 for another trolley dash at the same store.

Despite her claims that she arrived by train, her car was located in the Sprucefield car park and on closer inspection wit appeared to be filled with other suspected stolen goods, which she has also been further arrested for stealing.

Her car has now been seized by police for being used in crime and CCTV staff have said they are confident they will also be able to locate the second female, who made off before she could be detained at the scene.