Family make appeal ‘give us justice for Paul’

Paul Moran
Paul Moran

The family of a Lisburn man murdered at a newsagents at Longstone Street 24 years ago has made an emotional appeal for information that might finally bring his killers to justice.

Paul Moran, 33, married with a 16 month old son, was shot dead on the morning of January 30, 1992 while on his way to work at Lisburn 
Hide Company.

The UDA admitted the killing, claiming Mr Moran was involved with republicans. At his inquest, a RUC detective said the claim was ‘downright insulting’ to his family.

The family believe Paul, described as ‘happy go lucky’ was killed simply because he was a Catholic and an easy target. The gunman also wanted to make a name 
of himself.

Names of senior UDA men seen in the area before the murder matching the description of the gunman, were passed to the family and the police.

Sources told the family the UDA had planned to shoot Paul, at his wife’s hairdressers nearby but the plan was changed.

When the family spoke to detectives they were told the prime suspect could not have been involved as he was in England at the time.

The Historical Enquiries Team discovered this was false and the RUC made no efforts to check this alibi.

Paul’s brother Joe said, “No-one would go on record or make statements. Those responsible were well known,” We would have hoped after the HET report that the PSNI would have reopened the case - there seemed to be enough evidence to do so.

“It doesn’t matter how many years pass for us, its still as raw and is still unresolved. We don’t care of the passage of time please come forward so we can get a new investigation.”