Drove to help his daughter


Shortly after they had been talking to a man who had drink taken police saw him driving in Lisburn.

He was David Greer (63), Woodview Crescent, Lisburn, and last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court he was banned from driving for three years and six months.

As well he was fined £300, with a £15 offender’s levy, for driving with excess alcohol in his breath on June 25 this year.

Greer was also fined £250 for not having insurance, £150 for driving unaccompanied and £100 for not displaying ‘L’ plates.

The court heard that at approximately 10.30pm police were speaking to the defendant about unrelated matters. They could smell intoxicating liquor on his breath.

At 10.50pm they saw Greer driving out of Woodland Park and stopped him.

He failed a breath test and when cautioned he said: “I know the score.”

An evidential breath gave a reading of 54.

His insurance details were checked and it transpired he was only a provisional licence holder.

A solicitor representing Greer said he had a very limited but relevant record.

He explained that on the night in question the defendant was in bed and had no intention of driving.

The solicitor added that Greer was then contacted by his daughter who had been assaulted and in a bid to comfort her he foolishly drove a very short distance.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, told the defendant he was a ‘man who should know a lot better’.

He said Greer had received 10 points in 2009 for a drunk-in-charge offence and less than three years later was banned for two years for driving with excess alcohol.

Judge Bates said it was a serious situation and he had to decide if the mandatory minimum three year ban was enough.