Crumlin death threats condemned


Crumlin councillor Thomas Burns has condemned apparent threats issued to ‘criminals’ by a vigilante group in Crumlin.

Threats were issued by an apparently unknown gang calling themselves Crumlin Action Against Drugs to a number of men. They were told recently to stop alleged criminal activities in Crumlin or face ‘serious consequences.’

Mr Burns said he believes the group is a Republican gang and has urged anyone if they have information about criminal activity to give it to the police.

“Going to a vigilante group is not the way to go,” he said. “We have a law enforcement, the PSNI and if anyone has a problem I would strongly urge them no matter how small they should be reporting it to the police. There is a drug problem in Crumlin but it is not any bigger or greater than anywhere else.

“If anyone wants drugs they know where to get them but there is a bigger problem with underage drinkers and anti social behaviour.”

Crumlin Action Against Drugs accused up to eight men of drug dealing and anti-social behaviour.

The statement read: “These individuals are not only involved in bringing drugs into our community, they have carried out burglaries and threatened violence against women

“They threatened a mother of five with a pair of scissors last week. They also threatened a pregnant woman and threw beer bottles at her.

“When an ex-Republican prisoner challenged them they set upon him with knives and screw drivers.

“There are no depths to which these people will not sink. This behaviour will not be tolerated. We are ordering (the three named men) to leave Crumlin immediately or face execution.

“The others (five named men) must cease their activities forthwith or else we will take action against them. These people were ordered out of west Belfast by Republicans. They now ply their evil trade in Crumlin. We will not stand idly by while they terrorise our community.”

UUP councillor Paul Michael, of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership for the area, also condemned the apparent threats.

The PSNI has appealed for information.