‘Check your kids’ parents urged


Crumlin councillor, Thomas Burns, has appealled to residents who are being annoyed by anti social behaviour incidents to report it to the police.

His call comes after fed up residents went on social media sites to tell of their distress after being plagued by anti social behaviour during the Halloween period.

One resident reported, “For any parents that know or think their son or daughter could be hanging around the back of McIlroys and the grave yard, please speak to them and tell them to have some respect. There is a crowd of drunken teenagers mouthing to passers by. Some are spitting and throwing things at cars.”

Another claimed, “A large group of teenagers hanging around the Mill Road thought it would be funny to kick this person’s front door open. This is not funny. A lot of elderly people live in that area and something like this would be very frightening for them. This needs to stop.”

While another claimed that pumpkins were being stolen near Weavers Meadow then thrown at people’s doors.

However, Councillor Burns said when he spoke with the police they referred the incidents as being just minor and low level.

“This is because people who are complaining about them are complaining to the wrong channels,” he said.

“They should be reporting the incidents to the police. The incidents will then be put on their figures and they will have to act on it. No matter how minor it is people need to pick up the phone and report it. There is no point in complaining about it on social media sites like Facebook.

“I would also ask parents and guardians to make themselves aware of where children are and what they are doing.

“It may be worth sitting down with your child to discuss how wrong choices can lead to a criminal conviction and the long lasting consequences a conviction can have on future prospects.”

He went onto say, “If there is enough crime reported then the police will be forced to put more resources on the ground and deal with it.”