CCTV logs 74 incidents in a week


CCTV operators have been working hard to keep Lisburn a safer place to live, work and socialise.

Recently, over the course of seven nights, the operators observed a number of incidents in the city centre. These incidents were then fed through to the police, who took the necessary action,

Throughout the seven day period, some 74 incidents were logged by the CCTV operators.

Amongst the incidents logged were nine incidents of persons or youths causing annoyance.

Four people were also arrested for numerous offences including Harassment, Attempted Theft and Disorderly Behaviour.

There were also six Fixed Penalty Tickets issued for Theft and Disorderly Behaviour and a Discretionary Disposal issued for Theft.

In addition, over the same seven day period, there were 55 sightings logged of known offenders and suspicious persons in the Lisburn area.

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