Car stopped on motorway


Police stopped a car on the motorway on Tuesday night, after CCTV Operators noticed two suspicious looking men getting into a car at Sprucefield.

The CCTV Operators received a report from a security officer of a store who reported that two males had left the store smelling of alcohol.

The male’s had purchased and then consumed more alcohol before getting into a vehicle and driving off.

Details of the vehicle were then circulated to the police and the vehicle was stopped as it travelled along the M1 soon after. The driver was arrested for Failing to Provide a Specimen of Breath.

On the same night, CityWatch CCTV Operators watched a male in a vehicle in Lisburn City Centre who appeared to be dozing off in the driver’s seat of his car. Police went to check on the car and as they approached it, the occupier of the car who had a bottle of wine on his lap tried to hide the bottle from the officers.

The male was subsequently arrested for Excess alcohol in charge of a motor vehicle.