Busy time for CCTV operators


CCTV operators in Lisburn logged 109 incidents over the course of 14 days.

Some 12 people were arrested for a variety of offences, including theft, supplying class C drugs, disorderly behaviour, resisting arrest and assault on police, breach of court bail ,and others.

There were 14 incidents of persons / youths causing annoyance and nine concern for safety / missing person reports lodged.

Eight incidents of theft were recorded and three incidents involving drugs.

There was one incident of drink-driving and nine public order incidents.

Five fixed-penalty tickets were issued for theft and there was one incident of criminal damage as well as one hit -and -run car accident,

Furthermore, there were 63 sightings logged of known or repeat offenders and suspicious persons.

On the evening of November 14, CityWatch CCTV Operators in Lisburn observed a number of males in the area of Smithfield Square.

Two of the males appeared to be snorting a white powder using a rolled up £20 note and a wallet.

Police were informed and en route when the males left in a taxi.

Details of the taxi were circulated and the taxi was stopped by police on the Antrim Road, Belfast.

The males were searched but no other substances were found.

They were then released after their details were ascertained and noted.