Ban over sex assault case

The case was heard at Belfast Crown Court
The case was heard at Belfast Crown Court

The Law Society has imposed a six month suspension on a Lisburn lawyer who was convicted of sexual assault.

Christopher Martin Logue, of Lady Wallace Crescent, a practising solicitor for six years has been barred from practising for six months.

The ban relates to the conviction of the 34-year-old at Down Magistrates Court last December, for sexually assaulting a lawyer at an East Down Solicitor’s Association dinner, at the Burrendale Hotel, in Newcastle in 2012.

Earlier this year, a judge fined Logue £1,000 and ordered him to pay his victim £2,500 compensation over the episode which happened in November 2012.

Logue was drunk at the time and pestered the woman for over 15 minutes.

As well as trying to hug her, he also tried to climb onto her lap. He then nuzzled into her chest and then tried to climb on top of her.

The woman described the incident as ‘intimindating, humiliating and unacceptable.’ A prosecution lawyer said that Logue’s victim had been affected very greatly by the assault. Logues lawyer said he was aware of his victim’s distress and expressed remorse and deep regret.

“It has undoubtedly affected his career prospects,” the lawyer said. “His career is definitely in jeopardy. He is a skeleton of a man he once was.”

District Judge Broderick, told him he had lost his ‘good character.’ Logue’s suspension took effect from November 22.