Alleged car thief who’s facing 19 charges is refused bail

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An alleged car thief accused of leading police on a 90mph pursuit along country roads was refused bail after a judge said she “has a duty to protect the public.”

Refusing to release 31-year-old David Wilson at Lisburn Magistrates Court on Monday, District Judge Rosie Watters said she was concerned about him committing further offences.

“I have a duty sitting here to protect the public and he may not be interested in protecting himself but he is safer where he is rather than if I give him bail,” said the judge.

Wilson, from Bellevue Drive in the city, is in custody facing 19 offences allegedly committed over two and a half hours on September 27 this year including dangerous driving, aggravated car theft, stealing £400 worth of tools from B&Q, stealing engine oil and alcohol from two other stores, going equipped for theft, failing to report, remain and stop after an accident and crossing a railway line when a train was approaching.

Objecting to the bail application, a police constable claimed that between 10am and 12.30pm that day, Wilson was in a stolen car which allegedly:

• sped through two railway barriers causing an approaching train to make an emergency stop

• drove at a member of B&Q staff

• was involved in a police pursuit which reached speeds of up to 90mph along country roads.

The officer told the court the police pursuit, which happened during a “busy time” regarding traffic, was “all captured” on camera by pursuing police vehicles and “could’ve led to serious injury or death.”

In court on Monday, Judge Watters said she was refusing bail amid fears that Wilson would commit further offences. However, she said he could apply again to the High Court.

Wilson is due to appear in court again, along with his two co-accused, on November 23.