A busy night for Lisburn’s police and CCTV staff


Saturday May 9 was a busy night for both CCTV operators and the police in Lisburn.

In addition to monitoring a major band parade in the city centre, the CCTV operators were also keeping a close eye on the rest of the goings on in Lisburn.

CCTV Operators received a request for help from colleagues at Lisburn Train Station after a male, who was drunk, began being abusive to staff and refusing to leave the station.

CCTV staff observed the male, who is known to the operators, and police were informed about the incident.

The male was stopped and spoken to by police and despite repeated warnings continued to be disorderly.

The male was then arrested for Simple Drunk and Disorderly Behaviour.

Later that night, CCTV Operators in Lisburn observed a male punching and kicking a number of shop doors and windows.

No damage was caused to the doors and windows of the premises.

The male then made his way down into a taxi depot where an altercation could be seen by the CCTV staff.

Police were informed and the male was arrested for Disorderly Behaviour and Criminal Damage.

And in the early hours of Sunday May 10, CCTV operators were made aware of a 12 year old boy that had been reported missing. CCTV staff observed the 12 year old on Longstone Street at 2.40am and police were informed.

The boy was then stopped by police but was then arrested for Disorderly Behaviour.