A busy fortnight for CCTV operators

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Over the course of fourteen days 110 incidents were logged by CCTV operators in Lisburn.

Local CCTV operators noted ten Incidents of persons / youths causing annoyance, as well as 13 persons arrested for numerous offences including driving with excess alcohol, theft, disorderly behaviour and criminal damage, AOABH and possession of an offensive weapon.

There were three concern for safety reports and three incidents involving drugs. There was also one criminal damage incident recorded and four public order incidents. Five fixed penalty tickets were issued for theft and there was one discretionary disposal issued for supplying Intoxicating liquor to a minor. CCTV operators also logged 70 sightings of known and repeat offenders and suspicious persons.

Recently, CCTV also spotted a woman, who was known to police, enter a store in Bow Street. Staff at the store were alerted to the female via the City Watch radio link.

Staff then reported that the female had concealed a number of items in her bag but removed them as staff were watching. The female then made her way into a Chemist on Bow Street, again staff were made aware of the female. The staff then reported that the female may have stolen a bottle of perfume from their store and were able to confirm this using their CCTV system.

CCTV staff then observed the female remove a bottle of perfume from her bag that was described by the chemist staff. Police were informed and directed to the female who was then arrested for theft and street bailed.