£60,000 worth of drugs found

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Police seized a large quantity of drugs during a raid in Lisburn’s Linen Green area after a driver fled a checkpoint on Saturday night.

Cannabis with an estimated value of up to £60,000 was seized along with quantities of suspected class A, class C and prescription drugs.

The search followed suspicious activity by a driver who sped away from a police checkpoint along the Prince William Road at around 11.15pm.

Inspector Michael Gregg said: “Officers were deployed in the Prince William Road area conducting a proactive policing operation that included a vehicle checkpoint.

“The suspect vehicle approached the checkpoint and upon seeing officers, the driver made off at speed.”

Mr Gregg said inquiries established the vehicle was linked to an address in Lisburn and the property and vehicle were subsequently searched under warrant.

“The recovery of these drugs by local police in Lisburn demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the officers here to serving the people of this city,” a spokesperson said.

“With support from the community, we will continue to remove drugs from the streets of Lisburn and keep people safe.”

Officers are working to locate the driver of the vehicle who was not present at the address.